a new bed partner.


Hospital bed shortages are a problem facing most NHS Trusts around England, but ORLA Healthcare has an innovative solution - take the hospital back to the patient’s home and treat them there.

It is a very clever concept but the process of change can be a slow one in the NHS if the need isn’t clearly defined to each individual stakeholder.

Careful and impactful messaging is critical. Patient safety is paramount. We need to establish ORLA as a high quality provider with a proven track record.


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A brand refresh followed

We wanted to add gravitas, but retain a fresh, innovative theme.

The website content was carefully planned to bring ‘real time’ data and demonstrate to prospective customers that this is an established, proven and successful concept. 


Within one month of launch of the website and new brand materials, ORLA had doubled its prospective customer base. Having defined the standard for this market ORLA is now established a brand leader.

4 - fold increase

in key NHS prospects

David Harrop CEO - ORLA Healthcare