A digital-first, brand communications agency in health and pharma. London.


Based in SW London, we are a director-led boutique agency with a track record of working with health and pharma brands. Our team includes strategists, creatives, story-tellers, SEO experts, social media communicators, developers and project managers.

Our product is up-to-the minute digital savvy, blended with creative sparkle and a solid foundation in pharma and health marketing.

We create co-ordinated and strategic communications that amplify brand messages across every point in the customer journey.

Our senior team are graduates of Google’s digital marketing leadership programme.

We’ve developed a proven digital-first approach to integrated marketing that maximises reach, influence, engagement and conversion across every channel

Lyn Cruickshank
– Creative + Content Director
  • Creative and strategic healthcare communicator
  • Health science expertise
  • Strong creative, content and PR skills
  • Graduate of Google Digital Leaders
Martin Smith
– Digital Director
  • Accomplished pharma digital project lead
  • Front end developer and UX/UI expert
  • Excellent SEO/SEA skills
  • Graduate of Google Digital Leaders
Selected services
Content Marketing

Content that is relevant, consistent, valuable and drives customers towards a goal.


Award-winning creative ideas that bring brands to life and amplify your messages online and offline.

Bespoke Digital Development

From SaaS cloud platforms to the latest techniques in responsive web apps, we have unparalleled experience and expertise.

Digital Strategy

Our unique agency model – to develop a customer first digital strategy that optimizes value throughout the customer journey.


Each campaign we deliver is entirely bespoke and supported by our extensive investment into research and development.

Social Media

Community management, monitoring and targeted content creation to increase ROI from your social media.

Our regulatory expertise ensures our clients can realise the potential of digital with activities that are compliant and ethical.

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Selected clients

Adelphi Group

Alliance Medical Group

AnimalCare UK

Association of Pharmaceutical Specials Manufacturers

ArrayGenomics UK

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare

Besins Healthcare

Biogen Idec

The Evewell Clinic


Independent Doctors Federation


Simba Sleep

Spire Healthcare

Stiefel Laboratories

Thea Pharmaceuticals

Awards &recognitions

PM Society Advertising Awards – Finalist

PM Society Digital Awards – Finalist

Best in Health Awards – Finalist

OTC Marketing Awards – Winner

PR Week Awards – Winner


If you’d like to discuss any projects call us on
+44 (0)20 3837 8190 or drop us an email at hello@wallacehealth.co.uk

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With the IDF at the BMA Private Practice Conference yesterday. Thank you inviting me to present Marketing in Private Practice. A fantastic event and lots of interest in the future of private healthcare. #bma
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This #internationalwomensday we celebrate all the women who have helped pioneer advancements in health and science. One exemplary woman is Florence Nightingale, the founder of Modern Nursing. Nightingale was an English social reformer who organised care for wounded soldiers during the Crimean War and then later worked to professionalise nursing. To learn more about inspiring women who never made any excuses and continue to make waves check out this great article by @who here: https://www.who.int/news-room/feature-stories/detail/celebrating-women-leaders-in-science-and-health #iwd19 #london #healthcare #marketingagency #digitalagency #digitalmarketing
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We’re feeling inspired after reading @avinashplusworld most recent newsletter that challenges our ideas of what makes a great co-worker – the tangible skills ranking will surprise you! Being a good manager isn’t simply about managing a team but valuing people for their unique attributes and appreciating growth – professionally and personally. For some #mondaymotivation on effective team management make sure to check out this must-read here: https://www.kaushik.net/avinash/marketing-analytics-intersect-newsletter/
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Finding fun activities to keep the kids busy can be challenging during #halfterm @change4lifeuk a programme established in 2009 in partnership with the NHS, recommends 60 minutes of physical activity for kids each day.  Activities can range from a 10 minute shake-up to learning new skills and can contribute to the healthy development of children, help build social skills and reduce the risk for childhood obesity. For some #halfterminspo and ideas of what to do over the weekend than check out the change4life site here: https://www.nhs.uk/change4life/activities. #halftermideas #activitiesforkids #healthykids #london #weekend #fun #fitness #parents #parentsguide
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Did you know that random acts of kindness are a natural way to boost your immune system? Kindness promotes feelings of gratitude, compassion, empathy and self-worth. According to the work at @mentalhealthfoundation simple acts of kindness can help to combat feelings of stress, loneliness and negativity by creating a sense of community and happiness. If you’re not sure where to begin, join the thousands of people who will be participating in Random Acts of Kindness Day on Sunday. To help you start your habit of giving, remember to choose an activity you enjoy and allows you to engage with others! #weekendvibes #wisdom #mentalhealthawareness #sunday #randomactsofkindness #kindness #kindnessquotes #health #selflove
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Great piece in the @the.independent today featuring comments from Dr Moses Batwala, Consultant Gynaecologist #Evewellclinic #london who shares his insights on why some women find sex painful! #womenshealth #sexeducation #harleystreet #gynaecologist #healthcare #drmosesbatwala
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A YouGov report in December suggested that over 4 million Britons would be participating in the annual Dry January campaign, run by charity Alcohol Change UK. But does abstaining for a month really have significant health benefits and lead to a healthier 2019? Although the long-term results are still to be seen, the short-term benefits reported include improved complexion, increased energy and focus, better sleep and mood and weight-loss. So, for everyone taking part, remember that taking a month off doesn’t mean you can binge for the rest of year. The good news? It’s suggested that if you can kick any habit for at least 21 days then you’re more likely to succeed so keep going! #dryjanuary2019 #alcoholfree #resolutions #habits #newyear #healthylifestyle #wellbeing #london