Engage your customers throughout their journey

At Wallace Health, we’re big fans of the power of an engagement tool in your digital content strategy. Here, our award-winning digital team give their tips for success.

10 tips for a great engagement tool

  • Decide the purpose – look at the insights and your customer journey – do you want to gain more insights/granularity, drive sales, educate about your brand, encouraging sharing.
  • Give something back. You are asking someone to spend time on your tool, so there has to be something in it for them – and that doesn’t mean a money off voucher for completing it.  It’s an opportunity to show brand empathy and reward time with some great advice and resource.
  • Content is King – get together some great advice and facts – make sure it’s authentic and on brand
  • (add something here)
  • Story-telling – this isn’t a questionnaire – people quickly get bored
  • Keep the interface simple – and mobile friendly.
  • Test – fall off at a particular question, go back and change it – check it when it’s live for a while – are you getting the responses you need
  • Look out for GDPR rules – if you are going to collect email addresses you have to be upfront about why and what you’ll do with it
  • Amplify – traffic drivers, Facebook version, shareable results, PR drive and SEO.
  • Back end to shopping cart, database, CRM

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