Facebook + Google Paid Search Campaigns

When we create paid digital campaigns for our healthcare clients, we call on our unique digital model to gain a deeper understanding about who the best people to reach are, where they are in their customer journey and the best places online to find them.

As we’re usually working on one specific campaign across lots of different digital platforms (Google, Facebook, Display, et al.) it’s easy think about the campaign as split up; each one a different campaign in its own right. Measurement is assessed one against the other – seeing from which channel we’ve been given the best return on conversion.

But what if we could actively build those campaigns to work better together? What if we can use our Facebook campaign to enhance our Google campaign? Well, read on…

Don’t think Facebook vs Google, think Facebook PLUS Google

We now know that paid ads on Facebook increase brand searches on Google by 34%. This means that a good proportion of users who see the ads on Facebook are actively turning to Google to search and seek out more about the brand, rather than simply clicking on the Facebook ad itself. The logical answer to this is to create keywords in your paid search campaign that reflect your Facebook ad, essentially allowing Facebook to set up your potential customer while Google then ‘seals the deal’. Ensuring that your web presence reflects your marketing messages is an important step to fully engage with your customers.

Within Facebook, the ad titles themselves should also reflect within your paid and organic SEO through Google. Imagine you have a Facebook campaign running with a well researched and planned set of ad title, description and CTA. Our catchy title could be the first thing potential customers type into Google – it’s often the more memorable titles that stick rather than a brand name. Ensuring that your campaign landing page is fully SEO optimised with the titles as keywords will ensure we don’t lose these customers when they decide to turn straight to Google.

Another key benefit is retargeting that, as we know, is an incredibly powerful tool in digital marketing. Utilising the powerful Facebook Pixel code, we gain valuable opportunities to actively track and serve to our ‘warm’ users within the mid-funnel who will have expressed an interest through cross-platform retargeting. You can create a new Facebook campaign that retargets users who have visited your website through a Google Ad. As you may have guessed, this means that we can use Facebook campaigns to answer questions that our users may have been asking via Google – this is a powerful way to connect.

In summary, it’s very easy to think of Facebook and Google Ad campaigns that share messaging as completely separate entities, but as we can see from our case studies here, ensuring that our Facebook and Google Ads campaigns are aligned and effectively working together can gain us serious benefits when engaging with customers.


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