All about Specials

Specials, or unlicensed medicines, are prescribed to patients when there is no licensed medicine formulation available. They are made up especially for the patient, most often by a specialist pharmaceutical company. Although the sector is highly regulated, there is limited understanding of the critical role of these medicines.

A coherent look and style has been developed and designed to reflect professional, modern and clean look of the new responsive website with member log-in. We also created a white paper, fact sheets, customer journey, emails, social media and blog.

Many of these companies are represented by the Association of Pharmaceutical Specials Manufacturers and Wallace Health is retained to provide PR and communications support. This entails creating a centralised information resource about specials, together with a host of tools and downloads which can be used by stakeholder, journalists and potential customers.


A consistent positive message about the role of specials.

A repository of accurate and up-to-date information.