Packaging design for baby care products

Turkey’s new baby.

For the baby care brand, our research showed us that a separate and distinct identity would resonate with young parents – the solution was the BeneBaby brand. Positioned as high quality yet accessible with a range of effective solutions to everyday baby care needs, BeneBaby was the first such brand to be launched in Turkey – previously products had been sold over the counter. Our client also wanted to leverage their pharmaceutical heritage as the parent brand is highly regarded by medical professionals across Turkey.


Exceptional response in consumer testing.

The logo and packaging are designed to appeal to mothers who want the best for their baby. This is the first branded range of baby healthcare products in Turkey and it was important for the packaging to establish Trust.

Concept design

We developed three concepts for brand name, logo and packaging and these were extensively tested amongst mothers. The BeneBaby logo and packaging achieved an exceptionally high rating in research – the market research company commented that it is exceptional to obtain an almost unanimously favourable response to a new brand concept.

The product launch

Our client was able to take the brand to market with minimal changes and the success of early launch has enabled the timely launch of new products to the range.