Seriously. All private healthcare is NOT the same

HCA hospitals has a different ethos than many private hospital companies. Whereas the promise of a private room and a short waiting list are common to all, HCA has pursued a strategy of focusing on the most complex and acute care – often associated with specialist NHS hospitals in London.

Understanding this difference in care is critical when it comes to decisions about private healthcare provision, so this campaign set out to reinforce this unique positioning to key stakeholder audiences across London and the South East.

A ‘Serious about Healthcare’ microsite featured examples of how HCA was the ‘first’ to introduce pioneering treatments and outcomes. This included a video of the CEO to promote the ethos of the organisation.

An integrated campaign, ‘Serious about healthcare’, took the message across media platforms, featuring the microsite as a call to action.

Online advertising included rich media formats and homepage takeover.

Outdoor advertising on main arterial routes and train stations, concentrating on the City of London as the focus for B2B audiences.

Press advertising, including The Economist.


Campaign achieved high visibility amongst key target audience of corporates and healthcare financial intermediaries. Serious about healthcare ‘firsts’ were integrated into all corporate contract negotiations.