Meet the PAC

Animalcare has a range of products for peri-operative care and wanted to bring them together under an umbrella brand to enable the focus on a portfolio-sell.

The strategy was to offer this new brand as part of a bigger value proposition, whereby customers – in this case veterinary practices – could access a series of benefits via a digital platform, in return for product loyalty.

Our solution was to create a digital brand, THE PAC, together with a membership only platform and a series of pain management apps.

THE PAC logo is a digital-first design. It is simple, memorable and campaignable – MEET THE PAC, JOIN THE PAC.

Symbols/icons for Acute Pain assessment scale app.

THE PAC promotional materials uses emotive images showing real-life scenarios of veterinary nurses and animals/patients.

A bespoke digital platform allows different levels of member access to THE PAC and includes resources such as digital downloads.

The peri-operative pain scale tools were transformed from paper into easy-to-use apps, accessibly only via THE PAC platform.

Examples of the promotional materials, Welcome to THE PAC posters and calling cards


More than 100 veterinary practices signed up in the first month alone! All targets were exceeded.

Over 100 signups
in 1st month