Everywhere you look you see Moorfields

When the world-famous Moorfields Eye Hospital decided to launch its own eye care range, it had a strong story to tell – excellent NHS credentials and better value for money.

The biggest challenge was established prescribing and dispensing practice where the brand leader had almost become a generic for many commonly prescribed eye drops.

Our solution was to create a visually impactful campaign, delivered across multi-media platforms to achieve a high level of frequency over a concentrated 6 month period.

Selection of media partners ensured we could optimise the budget and increase the number of impacts to carefully profiled audiences, including CCG’s and community pharmacists.

total impressions

An in-store pack was delivered to 7,000 independent pharmacies.

A C+D Pricelist with bookmark was delivered to 10,500 pharmacies across the UK.

Premium advertising positions in buying directories extended impact and message shelf-life.

Press and online advertising were supplemented by regular email bursts.


Moorfields Eye Drops achieved ambitious budget forecasts across key product lines. This was achieved with a relatively small campaign expenditure in a challenging commercial environment.

100% growth in 6 months