The Science of Sleep

Simba Sleep are a sleep-based company that markets itself as high-tech sleep innovators.

To help drive brand awareness through their social channels, Simba asked Wallace Health to develop an online engagement tool that would educate their followers how to achieve the best nights’ sleep possible.

We started by extensively researching every area of sleep – from looking at common sleep problems to getting down to the ‘science of sleep’. This formed the content for the Simba Sleep Tool – a series of interactive scenes and questions that provided users with one of seven Sleep Personas that best described their sleep style. The results were also represented visually, allowing the user to see how their own ‘sleep pattern’ compared with the perfect pattern. Users could share their results on Facebook and Twitter for the chance to win a new Simba Hybrid mattress.

To accompany the Simba Sleep Tool, we created a vector-based animation that explains sleep patterns and how the body descends through the stages of sleep. After launch, we worked with Simba’s social media team to push the tool out via their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels. Online influencers were identified to blog about the tool and promote through their own social channels.

Less than three months after launch over 5000 leads had been generated by the tool.